Vidro Temperado Samsung Galaxy A20/A50/A50S/A30S/A30/M30 Full Glue – Preto

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  • Full Glue9h Premium Black Tempered Glass Protector compatible with Full Glue Tempered Glass  Samsung Galaxy A20/A30/A50/A30S Black Curved Screen Protector
  •  glass screen protectors in individual blisters and an installation kit consisting of: a wet and dry wipe and an anti-dust sticker.
  • Tempered Glass, F: this protector model has adhesive on ALL the inside of the glass.
  • Full coverage for greater protection.
  • PREMIUM quality tempered glass: ultra-thin screen protector with a colored border, total transparency, 9h hardness that guarantees optimal adherence.
  • High resistance to impact, falls and shocks.
  • Full Coverage, protects the entire screen.




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